Monday, October 31, 2011

Stress remedy

Helsinki, 9 degrees

Since last week was so busy with work, this weekend me and my boyfriend decided to spend a relaxing Saturday at Flamingo Spa & Wellness Center in the neighboring city Vantaa. We spent three hours enjoying two pools with water of 32 and 37 degrees, three saunas (a traditional Finnish sauna, a softwood sauna and steam sauna) and bubble baths! How relaxing, and romantic, just what I needed!


Sunday on the other hand was spent at Finland's second biggest fair, the annual Book Fair "Kirja-Boken" at the Helsinki Convention Center. Every year about 80 000 people go through piles of books represented by the different publishers. I wanted to find books mainly about tourism and social marketing, but found it a little bit tricky to find them since the books were like I mentioned sorted by publisher houses and not subjects.

Nevertheless, I did manage to find one book that caught my interest concerning tourism. I think the name "Inspiring tourism" tells it all!

I also wanted to find a fiction book which has lately been on everybody's lips in Helsinki. The Swedish speaking Finn Kjell Westö is known as one of our most famous writers and for a reason! Now his book from 2006 has been made into a movie, and therefore I wanted to read the book upon which the movie is based. The book is called in Swedish "Där vi en gång gått", where we once walked in English.

Now I have a new companion for the stormy winter days...

I was also excited about the fact that the fair included a food & wine section. We ended up buying some bread, English fudge and Italian salami!

Doesn't it look like heaven?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Style hurricane

Helsinki, 8 degrees

As we turn the clocks toward wintertime and notice that the leaves in the park outside our apartment building have all fallen on the ground and now decorate the pavements instead of the trees, it's time to realize that the winter season is approaching and sneeking up on us.


This week has been extra busy, like last week as well. Like most of you probably know, in my work team we're usually six, but right now we're struggling with four employees which means tons of extra work for us four currently working in the team.

This week that meant an evening of presentations again for me, after work of course. A total of nine and a half hours of overtime work in two weeks, and it's starting to show. It's terrible when one starts to notice that one fails to remember everything one should remember. But at the same time, I'm grateful for all the chances I've had to show my true interest and motivation for the tourism field. This week I held a presentation for future guides and students of a 2-year-long tourism study program.

The presentation focused on my working place but also my food brochure project that I have presented in earlier posts and non verbal communication. We use a lot of photos as non verbal tools at the tourist information. I think pictures are the best form to show e.g. typical Finnish food dishes.


Do you like to use menus with pictures when you are abroad to understand what you are ordering?

This week I've been captured by the ear cuffs of Anni Jürgenson. As you know, I like Nomadic fashion trends and in some way, I see a connection between that style and these cuffs.


It seems that the creator Jürgenson has always been fascinated by Native Americans' culture. She tried to imitate the look of the Indian feather headdresses and catch the impression of dream catchers and that’s how the feather ear cuffs were born. You can follow this Estonian fashionista in her blog called Style hurricane.

I remember when I went on my first trip to Spain, Fuengirola to be exact. I was drawn to the dream catchers that were sold all over the city back in those days, in  2004. I kept a dream catcher above my bed for years after having bought one in Spain. Do you like them?

The ear cuffs are being sold in Helsinki at the lifestyle shop Fox&Rabbit for 27€ each. I just might have to visit that shop and fiddle with them.
Thursday, October 27, 2011

She who fails to plan, plans to fail

Helsinki, 7 degrees

Yesterday I finally visited the venue where we are planning our junior high school reunion in mid November. How exciting! We are going to have our reunion in the two conference rooms of Hotel Haven, one of the most beautiful hotels in Helsinki! Basically we are going to put together two rooms, so that we are going to have a room fitting 40 people with a buffet. We, the planning team, also wanted a projector and wide screen in the room so that we can show off pictures of our glorious junior high school days. We will even be able to stay on the cosy inneryard of Hotel Haven, which I think is a nice touch.

Don't mind the table order right now, it's going to look totally different when we have our event there. The wall in the last picture is going to be taken away and in that way we'll have a larger area at our disposal. This is definately going to one of the main events this fall!

How about you, have you had a class reunion already? Any ideas?
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fashinable dental care

Helsinki, 8 degrees

Found a fun tooth brush some time ago, thought I would share it with you! Jordan - design collection. A true urban tooth brush, love it!

On Trendhunter's website I found some more interesting tooth brushes, have a look!
Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Modern luxury

Helsinki,  9 degrees

The home of modern luxury. A double room in the only five star hotel in Helsinki, located 1 km from our home. Palace Kämp Hotel Kämp. Bath tub. Dinner at Kämp Signé. Evening at Kämp Brasserie's all year round terrace. Breakfast buffet in Kämp Brasserie. You and me ♥

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fisherman sweaters, midi skirts & Paola Suhonen by Seppälä

Helsinki, 10 degrees

A pigeon wing under my armpit.

Yesterday I started to go through my montly women magazines and I thought that I would continue to review today. My long time favorite magazine Trendi had a page about Aran/ fisherman sweaters. I have to have me one of those! That is my Novemberly task!

I especially like the combination of an Aran knit with a midi skirt. How about you? What's the right way to wear one of these sweaters?

Trendi was also the first of these magazines to tell me about the upcoming co-operation between Finnish brand Seppälä and designer Paola Suhonen, known for her lovely IvanaHelsinki brand. The affordable brand Seppälä will launch this collection the 1st of November, so add that date to your calendars.

Source: Seppälä

I at least have got to get my hands on this tunic! It's stunning, don't you think? What an exciting November we have ahead of us!

Olivia magazine introduces small black purses that fascinate me. They call the clutches pigeon wings, how cute.

Source: Irene Mikaela

My favorite "pigeon wing" is the clutch by Irene Mikaela, made out of reindeer leather and juniper tree. That's Finnish design for you!

Irene Mikaela Häggkvist is a 26-year-old Finnish fashion designer who has lived and studied during recent years in Milan, Italy. She grew up in northern Finland where she started her fashion design studies in the University of Lapland and then transferred to the Istituto Marangoni Milano.            

She graduated from the Istituto Marangoni as the Master of fashion design in 2009. In 2009, she also won the first price in the Swarovski Crystallized contest in collaboration with Istituto Marangoni and the outfits were presented in fashion shows of the Istituto Marangoni in London, Paris and Milan.

Her works have been in Italian and Finnish  Elle, Haute Couture Collezione and Wallpaper, where she was on the Wallpaper Graduates Directory 2010. She has furthermore designed a jewelry collection for a Finnish company Kultakeskus, using black wood, silver, and crystals.

Source: Irene Mikaela

What do you think?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cracks make us perfect

Helsinki, 9 degrees

Recently Sundays have become my favorite days of the week. Lately I've been working all of my Saturdays but I've been off work for some Sundays now, so in a sense I have started to have some Sunday rutines. Today I was lucky enough to have my better half at home with me, so we've done ton of stuff together and I love that as I love him. Even though we woke up to a foggy Helsinki, stepping out and going for a one-hour-long power walk was superb. I can not mention enough times how stunning Helsinki is in the fall. Today we could really enjoy some fresh air when we walked around the Töölönlahti Bay area, which I call the green heart of the city.

Source: DeviantArt
Since it's mid October, during the last couple of days, my three women magazines have dropped through our mail slot.

That means it's time to go through the topics that have caught my eye while flipping through them. Here we go.These are my favorite topics for upcoming November in Helsinki.

Elle Finland offers a page of something they called "this season's candy". Basically it's a collage of current clothing trends. We have animal patterns and polka dots that I've mention in earlier posts as well. The five other ongoing trends are square patterns, fluffy fake furs, the shine of black asphalt, Nomadic luxury and flowery patterns.

Like I've mentioned in a earlier post, the Nomadic style interests me. This kind of Artic style is amazing, I want to see more of that!

The same extreme layering style could be found last winter in e.g. the Brittish Fashion Telegrapgh.

I love the exaggerated look, how about you?

Elle Finland also showcases the styles of four cities; New York, Paris, London and Sao Paolo. I'm happy to notice that Sao Paolo is in these spreads, usually it's not counted into the four major fashion cities but Milan. Wonder why they forgot Milan? Is Sao Paolo stealing Milan's position in the top 4?

No surprise to me whimsical New York turns out to be my favorite. The city yet not explored by me, but such an inspiration nevertheless. I love the precious stone colors, especially ruby.

The Classical Paris page does have a stunning necklace though, designed by Canadian Maryam Keyhani. The necklace is shaped as wings. I can only say: wow! This necklace is amazing!

Source: Maryam Keyhani
On sophisticated London's page I like the Zara bag, and on pulsing Sao Paolo's page it's the necklace of Bianco that catches my attention.

They even have a cute owl necklace on their website that has my name!

I've never associated my name to an owl, but this one is lovely. I have a dear friend who loves owls and I hope she reads this post!

I wonder how such a spread would look if there would be Helsinki in it? I'm still waiting for that!

Maybe it could have some items designed by Katri Niskanen, one of Finland's most known current fashion designers, merely of age 25. Elle Finland gives her a page this month, which I'm thankful for.

According to Niskanen, a piece of clothing is only perfect when it has a crack. I thought that was a lovely way of thinking. In the end, don't we all have cracks, why not celebrate them instead of hiding them?
Niskanen likes to combine masculine and feminine features, e.g. a dress with boots. Heels go well with a masculine leather jacket, she thinks.

To be continued...
Saturday, October 22, 2011

A snake slithering on the Helsinkian streets

Helsinki, 11 degrees

The content of your wardrobe might be quite dangerous this fall since many wild animals dominate this autumn's and winter's clothing patterns. Animal patterns with leopard, tiger and snake skin are the most overbearing.

Lately I've made some great finds on the Finnish version of Ebay called Huuto. I've finally found some snake skin pattern leggings! I love them!

Source: Huuto

I also found a nice top with strass and a tweed jacket to complete my autumnal look! What do you think?

Today I was happy to notice that despite the foggy rain this morning which made Helsinki look a little bit dreary, we had almost 500 customers today. Yesterday seemed to be record autumnal day with over 600 customers. That's nothing compared to the summer's 2 500 customer a day, but it's huge during the fall. I think autumn in Helsinki is filled with surprises: the weather conditions change rapidly. Like today, I came to work with an umbrella but felt that when I went home, my cape jacket was too thick so I actually walked home without even a jacket! What a difference!

This week has been crazy at work. Mostly because I have a hard time saying no to things. I've been to a restaurant's food blog night, to a guide schooling night, but that not all; I've also reviewed a restaurant and club. All of this outside work hours. Yesterday I got a wakeup call though. When one notices at work that one forgets to meet somebody one has an appointment with, it's time to slow down. That's why I intend to plan my weeks better from now on. How to learn what to say no to? And how to learn to recognize your own limitations?
Thursday, October 20, 2011

Style - it's in the bag!

Helsinki, 9 degrees

In the end of May I introduced the items that I liked from the H&M autumn collection. Today, while struggling to get home due to the heavy wind tonight, I noticed that I maybe haven't even mentioned which items I eventually decided to get for this autumn. For this autumn, I decided to get the lovely beige cape and combine it with some cognac colored items; a tube scarf and some leather gloves. So if you catch somebody with this outfit hurrying over the Helsinkian streets, it will probably be me! This far, I haven't seen this cape on anybody here, can you believe it?

Source: H&M

Sometimes good service is all about taking people into consideration. Of course, seeing as I work in customer service, I try to do my best, but I must say that once I got an email today from Asos concerning my last purchase at their web shop, it put a smile upon my face. A small effort to send an email like this, but such a nice gesture.

Yesterday I had the chance to get a grand tour of the Finlandia Hall, one of the main sights here in Helsinki. It was designed by probably the most well known Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in the 70's. Recently the building has been on everybody's lips since the music concerts of the building have moved to one of the newest buildings in Helsinki, the Music Center, and the Finlandia Hall has concentrated on being a conference venue.

Source: Yle
Source: VisitHelsinki

At the same time as this change in the Finlandia Hall's field of expertise has been made, it has also been enlarged so that it now hosts a very nice café called Café Veranda. I had an espresso there today and I must say that I can recommend it! The glass wall makes it possible to see the season's changing right outside the window, how cosy!

At this café you can get the famous Finlandia cake, in this picture taken at the well known Ekberg café, the oldest café in Helsinki, on a stunning Finnish Arabia dish.

Source: Flickr